Peasants’ Days

    March 2 is the Peasants' Days. Every year on March 2, celebrations are held in honour of the peasants or cultivators of paddy. Cattle freeing is seen in many villages round the country. Bullock-cart rases an every popular on this day.
    Myanmar Naing-gan is an agricultural country. More than eighty percent of the people are farmers. Farmers grow paddy. They grow more than they can eat. So surplus rice is sold to the world market. For this we get foreign money. With this money we buy things for the country.
    We need more and more machinery and material to build our country. We need modern cars, trains, aeroplanes to catch up with other countries. Farmers grow paddy for us to get foreign money. So they are our true benefactors.
    But most farmers are still very poor. They live in poor huts. They eat poor food. So their health is poor.
    Farmers are poor because they are slaves to the rich land-owners. Farmers borrow money  to buy ploughs, cattle and clothes. They have  to pay very high interest for the money they borrow. So, when they sell their paddy, very little money is left. The situation has changed, but only a little.
    To help farmers, the Government lends them money at low interest. Tractors and good quality seeds of  paddy are given. Their standard of living has risen a little. But they need more help. Because, for many years to come, Myanmar Naing- gan will still be an agricultural country.

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