Taungbyone Net Festival
Where    : At Taungbyone village near Mandalay    
Whe    : Fullmoon Day of Wagaung (Augus 19)
 The most famous of the Nat(supernatural beings that reward believers) festivals in Myanmar. This event is visited by all those who worship Nat, especially the traders and merchants who want help for more profits!

Ratanagu Nat Festival
Where    : ratanagu pagoda, Amarapura Township                         
When    : 8th Waxing Moon Day of Wagung (August 27)
This is a festival to honour the mother of the two Nat brothers of Taungbyone.

Manuha Temple Festival
Where    : Bagan
When    : Day before and day of the Full Moon of Tazaungmon (November 14 and 15, 2005)
Donating rice to monks, free rice cakes to all and papier macxhe figures.

Kaung Hmu Daw Pagoda Festival
Where    : Sagaing
When    : The Dawn of the Fullmoon Day of Thadingyut (October 17, 2005)
One of the most famous Pagoda festivals, 4 Buddha Images are carried around the villages of the lake on a huge golden barge towed by hundreds of legrowers.

Elephant Dnace Festival
Where    : Kyaukse, Mandalay Divison
When    : Fullmoon day of Thadingyut (October 17)
Papier mache elephants carried around the town towards the pagoda on the Kyaukse Hill. A dance competition features these elephants.

Kahtein Robe Offering Ceremony
Where    : All over the country
When    : The Whole month of the Myanmar month of Tazaungmon (November)
Holy robes are offered to the monks at the monasteries. This offering of robes enable the monks to acquire new robes in place of the old ones that were soiled during the monsoon season.

Hot Air Ballon Festival
Where    : Taunggyi
When    : One week before the Fullmoon of Tazaungmoon to Fullmoon day (Noverber 8)
Pagoda in the abode of the Celestial Beings by Sending up lighted hotair ballons. Now this traditional is combined with a competition to send up the most elaborate and beautiful ballons of every shape and size.

Parade of lights
where    : Taunggyi
When    : Fullmoon night of Tazaungmon (Novermber 15)
The people of Taunggyi and its environs march through the town with decorated floats and lighted candles to the Sulamuni Pagoda at the adge of the town.

Lights Festival and weaving competition
Where    : All over the country; Shwedagon Pagoda
When    : Fullmoon of Tazaungmoon (November 15)
An all - night weaving competition takes place at the Shwedagon Pagoda, on the night berfore the Fullmoon Day.