The Union Day

February 12 is the Union Day. On this day in 1947, the Union of (Burma) Myanmar was born. The birth-place was Pang-long (Pin Lone) in the Shan States. During February, a conference was held Pin Lone. Bogyoke Aung San, other Myanmar Leaders, and the leaders of all national races  attended the Conference. They demanded (for) independence from the British rulers. They showed that they were all united in this one great desire. This great desire was to be a free nation. With this unity of aim, we had won our freedom. The Pin Lone Conference has become historical. The people of the whole Myanmar must remember this conference. The union spirit was born at this conference.
The Union Day is a public holiday. On this day, all the national races of Myanmar hold celebrations. Stage shows of songs and dances are held in many towns and villages. The Union Day is an unforgettable day for all of us.

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