All School Websites
(A good website for teachers, parents and others working with children with learning disabilities. Read articles about why a child is struggling in school and get teaching strategies

and techniques for teching those students. Visit the online bullentin boards to exchange ideas and experience with fellow teachers)
(This website has internet-based lesson plans and class-room activities with printable sheets as well as hundreds of links to related websites)
(This websites includes after fun games and hints for parents and teachers about what activities to organize. The websites also helps parents keep all kinds of after school activities

healthy and safe. There is a section with plenty of links, which have all been checked for appropriate family content)
(You can get new teaching techniques from this website. It is packed with discussion questions, writing assignments and student activities that you can use to create your own lesson

(You can find tips provided by US department of education for students, parents, teachers and administrators on how to give a child necessary attention and support. In the 'helping

your child' series there are tools and information to help children succeed in school and life)