My country is the Union of Myanmar. It is also called the land of golden pagodas. The neighboring countries are Laos and Thailand in the east, China in the north, and India and Bangladesh in the west. Its area is about 262,000 square miles, and it is the second largest country in Southeast Asia after Indonesia. It has a population of about 52 million.

Myanmar is divided into seven states and seven divisions. There are altogether 135 ethnic groups, living in unity. It has a hot wet climate. It is colder in the north than in the south, and the central region is dry. Myanmar is an agricultural country. We grow rice and crops the whole year round, and export rice, beans prawns and fishes. The four important rivers are the Ayeyarwady, the Chindwin, the Thanlwin and the Sittaung. They are a great help in transportation, and make it possible to grow different kinds of crops. Many areas of the land are covered with forests. Therefore it is also a major exporter of timber and wood products. It is rich in natural resources such as gas, gold, jade, ruby and other precious stones. The great Shwedagon is in Yangon, the capital. Mandalay is the second largest city and the last capital of Myanmar kings. Bagan is the most famous place with thousands of pagodas. Most of the people are Buddhists, and there is no town or village that does not have a pagoda.

The Myanmar’s are kind, hospitable and generous. There are many scenic places and pleasant beaches which are very attractive for tourists. For the above reasons, I love my country and I am proud of being a Myanmar citizen.