Thingyan marks the changing of the old year to the new. Actually, it
is the Myanmar New Year Festival.
The Myanmar New Year usually falls on the second week of April on the
13th or on the 14th. It lasts for three or four days. It is said that
the festival period begins when the Thagyarmin, the king of the
celestial Beings, desends from his abode to the earth. Thingyan comes
when the summer's heat is at its peak. New Year is the time fro people
to cleans themselves of the defilements they might have collected
during the year and look forward to a better life.

Time - Ahyo/ Akya/ Akyat/ Atet Day

Food - special Thingyan rice
Shwe-yin-aye/ Moant-let-sound
sa-gu/ satu-ditha feeding

Flower - padauk/ngu-shwe-war/thabye-gangaw

Song - mantaung yeikkho (myananda)
tu-po tu-po/ ye-nan-tha-bin